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Date D   Description Plat. Author
2011-08-25   Video Merge split Local Buffer Overflow 30 LOCAL Angel Injection
2011-08-23   VU Player stack buffer overflow Local Exploit 75 LOCAL Debasish Mandal
2011-08-22   WAR-FTP Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit 29 LOCAL Angel Injection
2011-08-22   WAR-FTP Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit 38 LOCAL Angel Injection
2011-08-17   F-Secure BlackLight 2.2.1092 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 27 LOCAL LiquidWorm
2011-08-17   Wine ( Core exe ) GIF Object Memory Corruption 32 LOCAL SeeMe
2011-08-17   RealPlayer Stack Overflow 38 LOCAL SeeMe
2011-08-15   D.R. Software Audio Converter 8.1 DEP Bypass Exploit 25 LOCAL C4SS!0 G0M3S
2011-08-12   MP3 CD Converter Professional 5.3.0 Universal DEP Bypass Exploit 37 LOCAL C4SS!0 G0M3S
2011-08-11   A-PDF All to MP3 v2.3.0 Universal DEP Bypass Exploit 38 LOCAL C4SS!0 G0M3S
2011-08-11   Free CD to MP3 Converter 3.1 Universal DEP Bypass Exploit 64 LOCAL C4SS!0 G0M3S
2011-08-05   ThreeDify Designer 5.0.2 Insecure Method / Buffer Overflows 34 LOCAL expku
2011-08-05   FreeAmp 2.0.7 .fat Buffer Overflow Exploit (MSF) 33 LOCAL James Fitts
2011-08-05   ABBS Electronic Flashcards v2.1 Buffer Overflow Exploit (MSF) 35 LOCAL James Fitts
2011-08-05   ABBS Audio Media Player v3.0 Buffer Overflow Exploit (MSF) 34 LOCAL James Fitts
2011-08-04   Zinf Audio Player v2.2.1 PLS File Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (DEP BYPASS) 81 LOCAL C4SS!0 and h1ch4m
2011-08-04   AhnLab V3 Lite (V3LUp.dll) Dll Hijacking Exploit 114 LOCAL wh1ant
2011-07-25   MPlayer Lite r33064 m3u Buffer Overflow Exploit (DEP Bypass) 29 LOCAL C4SS!0 and h1ch4m
2011-07-25   Download Accelerator plus (DAP) 9.7 M3U File Buffer Overflow Exploit (Unicode SEH) 33 LOCAL C4SS!0 G0M3S
2011-07-25   Kingsoft AntiVirus 2012 KisKrnl.sys <= 2011.7.8.913 Local Kernel Mode Privilege Escalation Exploit 32 LOCAL MJ0011
2011-07-25   Microsoft Internet Explorer toStaticHTML Information Disclosure 39 LOCAL Adi Cohen
2011-07-11   ZipGenius v6.3.2.3000 .ZIP File Buffer Overflow Exploit 27 LOCAL C4SS!0 G0M3S
2011-07-07   MicroP (MPPL File) Stack Buffer Overflow 35 LOCAL James Fitts
2011-07-07   CoolPlayer Portable 2.19.2 Buffer Overflow (MSF) 34 LOCAL James Fitts
2011-07-07   Daemon Tools Lite DLL Hijacking Exploit 35 LOCAL X-h4ck